12oz Handmade Stoneware Mug


We have handmade mugs!

A 12oz stoneware mug featuring our favorite little guy, the D20 cat. Handmade out of natural clay, this mug has an awesome heft to it that helps keep your coffee and tea warm during a long game session.

Created by Grey Fox Pottery - all mugs handmade in the USA

Customer Reviews

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Phoenix the Bard
This D&D cat mom is very happy!

Love this mug! It is super adorable and I love that the image is clear and large. The mug makes me feel like I just started as a level 1 Bard and I walked in a tavern to be offered a quest. Definitely enjoy drinking my monthly coffee from Many Worlds Tavern in it.

Michael Karayane

12oz Handmade Stoneware Mug

K. C
wife loves it

Had a great interaction with the staff at many worlds tavern and my wife absolutely loves this mug

Van Carter
Adorable and useful.

My wife absolutely loves it! She says it fits her hands just right and the adorable tiger hugging a d20 makes her smile every time she sees it. The handmade features like the swirl on the base inside and the handle attachments are really special. She loves her mug so much I'm pretty sure I'll have to get one for myself too.

M. R.
Lovely mug

I love the design of this mug. It's my new favorite! The color is great and i love that the MTW logo is extruded on the front. I even enjoy the imperfections because it shows it's truly handmade.