Catventurers Series 1 Sticker Sheet


A most unlikely band of adventurers... 

 brought together from their many different worlds at The Many Worlds Tavern.  This sheet includes three cute die-cut stickers: one Wizard Cat Sticker, one Cyberpunk Cat Sticker, and one Knight Cat Sticker.

Customer Reviews

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Stuck on Fun

The joy and satisfaction I've recieved from these stickers if frankly, incalculable. Unfortunatly, I'm now the envy of all who see them. My only solace is being able to offer them a forwarding link to MWT.

M. R.
Cute stickers and great quality!

Love the designs and the high quality of the stickers.

Update to previous review

I wasn't sure how to edit my review (I'm sorry!!) so I'm posting a new review as an update. Many Worlds contacted me and said they'd speak to the manufacturer about any possible defects that I reported in my first order and offered to send a new sticker sheet as my first one was uncut in certain spots. Fantastic customer service! I'm incredibly grateful for new untorn kitties!

awesome stickers!

well printed stickers of a desirable size haha seriously adorable and of high quality.

N. George
They don't tell you the truth about these Stickers.

I saw the stickers and thought oh how cute, so I ordered some. They didn't tell me they are master-crafted stickers with enchantments that not only make you buy more of them, but anyone who sees them are then under compulsion to steal them from you. I watched my darling sweet child turn into a brazen thief grab them from me, run to her room, and shut the door. She hid them away where I can't find them now and occasionally I hear her speaking to them softly about how much she loves them. Look at what you did Many Worlds...

Buyer beware.