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3 Games to Try After Jenga

I like Jenga.  It’s simple.  It makes kids laugh inexplicably hard (only rivaled by Hungry Hungry Hippos).  It sounds like a gunshot when the tower falls in my local board game café—it seriously makes me jump every time.

Did you know there’s a whole genre of games like Jenga?

If you’d prefer your Jenga tower to look like an art piece, try:

Catch The Moon

Catch the Moon game at Tea and Victory

Instead of pulling out blocks from a tower, Catch the Moon tasks players with stacking small wooden ladders on top of one another.  It can be mesmerizing to see the ways the ladders intertwine with one another.

If you want a bit more cerebral challenge, try:

Mental Blocks

Mental Blocks is kind of like… a cooperative spatial awareness SAT problem?  You’re given a 2D face of a 3D structure and work together to put the pieces in the right orientation.  It’s really clever and pushes your mind to solve the puzzle.

If you want 40 games in a box, try:

Junk Art

Junk Art is really a collection of well-made wooden blocks.  Different rulesets are written on a deck of cards, so you really get a lot of bang-for-your-buck in one box.

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