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A look at the history of Treasured Realm and Fabled Foliage, Many Worlds Tavern's monthly limited-release offerings.  Click these fancy little texts links if you are looking for the current drop of Treasured Realm or Fabled Foliage.

March 2024

Watch Your Step on Magni's Isle

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Treasured Realm: Magni's Isle

  Formerly known as Minutia, Magni’s Isle is a small, uncharted civilization of humble people ruled by King Magni the Massive: a colossus of a man with the valiance of a knight and the benevolence of a martyr.
  It was years ago that Magni washed ashore the Minutian coast to the awe of the island’s tiny denizens. After he warded off the blight of gigantic, draconic, flying creatures that had harassed Minutians with their rainbow-feathered assaults for decades, he was crowned their ruler.
  Magni enjoyed the honorific, but more notably, he enjoyed his newfound sense of scale. It was quite the elevation of stature from that of a struggling halfling merchant in a city of giants.

Fabled Foliage: Ironrind

  Minutian farming tools are typically carved from Ironrind: the bark of a mushroom that quickly petrifies if treated correctly. When used by a skilled hand, an Ironrind tool can infuse magical properties into the produce it harvests. Historically, Minutian farmers have used this to make their food more nourishing—making less food last longer, akin to the magic of a Goodberry.
  At King Magni’s request, Minutians have started experimenting with Ironrind cooking tools, diversifying flavors and enchantments on their foodstuffs. The Minutian people have noticed this has also caused their people to grow in size over the past several years, with some now as tall as four and a half inches.

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Titan's Shiv

Weapon (Greatsword), Rare (Requires Attunement)

  This grand, ornately-carved greatsword magically fits into a dagger-sized sheath. While attuned, you gain +1 to attack and damage rolls with this greatsword and are able to speak and understand Giant.
  While holding the greatsword and uttering its command word, you can cast Enlarge/Reduce as an action, choosing only yourself as the target. When cast this way, the spell does not require concentration and its duration lasts until you speak the command word again or put the greatsword back in its sheath. The spell ends if you are rendered unconscious or move more than 30 feet from the blade.
  While enlarged this way, this weapon also gains the Reach property.


  3rd Level Enchantment

   Casting Time • 1 Reaction
   Range/Area • 30 feet
   Components • V, S
   Duration • Instantaneous

  As a reaction when a creature within range makes an attack roll or ability check, you give the creature either brazen confidence or crippling self-doubt. The target makes a Charisma saving throw that they can choose to fail. On a failed save, roll 2d4. You choose to add or subtract the rolled result to or from their attack roll or ability check. If the creature succeeds on their save, your roll is halved, rounded up. The creature is immune if it can't hear you or if it's immune to being charmed.
  At Higher Levels • When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 4th level or higher, you may add an additional 1d4 for each spell slot above 3rd.

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