Many Worlds Tavern Tea is coming.

We know coffee.  We've worked in coffee together for years, and we love the special, homey, comforting feeling that coffee brings to the tabletop.

But, we also know that coffee isn't for everybody.  Whether you have a particularly strong caffeine sensitivity, or you don't love the taste, or you just want something different, we get it.  In fact, we weren't huge coffee drinkers before we started working in the industry.  So, we've gone out and educated ourselves about tea!  We've tasted dozens of samples, practiced different brewing methods, and interviewed tea professionals to learn what we've got to get right to have a great tea program.  And soon, it'll be here.

We've sourced artwork from some of the most talented artists we can find that evoke a bit of the Many Worlds Tavern style of whimsy, wonder, and adventure, and packaging will hopefully be arriving after the summer ends.  We'll have a wide selection of teas and herbal teas; some of our favorites include Jasmine Green, Peach White, and Lavender Mint Sage.  We've made plenty of London Fogs with the Earl Grey, as well.

As soon as we're ready to share more, you know we'll be posting about it.  Follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter to keep up-to-date.  You'll even get a copy of our free D&D adventure "The Memory of Princess Ezabell" for signing up.