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Homely House


A Crowd-Pleaser of a Coffee

12 oz bag
A medium roast with a classic flavor profile, Homely House was carefully sourced, roasted, and blended to ensure that it appeals to a wide array of coffee drinkers. It's ended up as our house blend, with the perfect balance of smooth yet bold, rich yet nuanced, and robust yet sweet. Brewing a pot will fill the room with the unmistakable aroma of delicious, nostalgic coffee. Great served black, with cream and sugar, or pulled through a fancy espresso machine.

Origin: Guatemala + Tanzania Blend

Two origins combine for great flavor, sweetness, and body.  What results is a coffee we want to drink every single morning.

Roast: Medium

Homely House's medium roast highlights the delicious coffee while giving that familiar roasted flavor.

Processing: Washed

A washed coffee implies a classic-tasting profile with great clarity of flavors.

Comfort Blend

A blend that warm your soul.  Welcome to the tavern!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jason Rodney
Coffee and a game is the great way to relax!

After a long weekend and getting ready for the coming week I like to pick a game and a beverage. The Homely House Medium roast coffee was a delightful treat. Homely House is smooth and light. It is just right for the late evening gaming when you need a little help focusing without the jitters. I would have like it to be a tad stronger, but you can add an extra teaspoon for that. Overall Homely House hit the spot and was enjoyable with every sip.

Insert Tolkien Pun Here

We have a little Breville espresso machine at home, and this coffee makes excellent espresso for our morning lattes, with plenty of flavor to cut through the milk. Yum.

Chris Colbath
A Hobbit's Coffee

I can't think of a better way to have a Hobbit Day than with Homely House in my cup. A great daily coffee. I love it.

Jason Brubaker

Homely House

Jason Amand
Great for staying awake

The best kind of coffee you need to stay awake and alive and keep rolling those Nat-20s or hoping to stay awake and combo out with some trading cards. Magic Arcanium sent me.

Become the hero of game night.

No board game night, roleplaying session, or tavern brawl is complete without something to share amongst friends. Surprise your traveling party with a fresh-brewed carafe of specialty coffee to reach max levels of hospitality.

Do good with your dollar and support the community.

For every bag sold at Many Worlds Tavern, $1 is donated to a charity that helps gamers. This includes organizations like The Spiel Foundation, The House of Afros, Capes & Curls, and Tabletop Gaymers.

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Brew With US: homely House

We've got a simple pour over recipe to go with a very forgiving-to-brew coffee in Homely House.  The goal is to use 16 times the amount of water to coffee.  Use medium grind coffee and water just off the boil, pour in stages every 30 seconds, and let it drain.  Enjoy!

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Your coffee is roasted within the week it gets shipped.  Your game night deserves fresh coffee!

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All coffee from Many Worlds Tavern is 100% natural, free of artificial flavors or additives.