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Homely House

Comfort Blend - 12oz


A medium roast with a classic flavor profile, Homely House was carefully sourced and roasted to appeal to a wide array of coffee drinkers. It's ended up as our house blend, with the perfect balance of smooth yet bold, rich yet nuanced, and robust yet sweet. Brewing a pot will fill the room with the unmistakable aroma of delicious, nostalgic coffee. Great served black, with cream and sugar, or pulled through a fancy espresso machine.

Order this coffee if...

You're a budding adventurer, ready to take on the realm... after a coffee and second breakfast, of course.

Pairs well with...

The modern classics: Catan, Ticket to Ride, Wingspan, and a 5E campaign that starts in a tavern.

Origin: Guatemala + Tanzania Blend

Two origins combine for great flavor, sweetness, and body.  What results is a coffee we want to drink every single morning.

Roast: Medium

Homely House's medium roast highlights the delicious coffee while giving that familiar roasted flavor.

Processing: Washed

A washed coffee implies a classic-tasting profile with great clarity of flavors.

Comfort Blend

A blend that warm your soul.  Welcome to the tavern!

Customer Reviews

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Warming and Comforting

I'm really enjoying Homely House. I ran into the Many Worlds Tavern booth at Pax Unplugged this year and couldn't resist placing my first order on the spot. Thinking back to making my first cup at home, I remember being struck by the quality of the coffee. What an upgrade from my usual grocery store brand! For me, it also had a subtle caramel flavor that I loved. I've been drinking it consistently for a month now and I look forward to my morning cup every time I use Homely House.

Atlas Opishinski
Best Coffee!

I got this for my sis as a christmas gift because we both love coffee + board games, DnD etc. They ship it in a beautiful landscape box with really cool info about their operation on the inside. The coffee itself is incredible, I'm going to buy some for me as well

Michelle Dusatko
Great coffee!

We were given a bag of Homely House as a gift.
It is now our new favorite!

josie mckinley
Best coffee ever!!

This coffee is sooo good from the smell to the taste it’s so complex and creates the perfect brew!!


Homely House

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Brew With US: homely House

We've got a simple pour over recipe to go with a very forgiving-to-brew coffee in Homely House.  The goal is to use 16 times the amount of water to coffee.  Use medium grind coffee and water just off the boil, pour in stages every 30 seconds, and let it drain.  Enjoy!

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