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Dragon's Nest

Adventurous Brew - 12oz


A dry-processed and washed blend for those that want fruit and floral in their coffee. Here, we take a light-handed approach to the roasting process to showcase the coffee's unique characteristics—especially the beans from Ethiopia.  It's the kind of coffee that turns coffee drinkers into coffee lovers.  

Lore from the heights of the hoard: Far above a remote mountainous town, people travel from near and far to thwart a legendary dragon. Past the mountains, past the airships, past the clouds lies a dragon atop her nest—reveling in the fact that people simply do not look high enough. Of course, the adventurer that figures out the puzzle will be faced with the next task: climbing a precarious nest made of latte foam and coffee grounds!

Buy this coffee if...

You're a dragon rider of legend, afraid of no storm nor foe that might cross you.  Or, you just have a bit of an adventurous palate.

Pairs well with...

A fantastic dragon-themed board game like Tsuro, your party's chance encounter with Bahamut, or a long session of painting your new heldrake for 40k.

Origin: African blend (Ethiopia and Tanzania)

Ethiopia is one of our favorite coffee growing regions, known for delicious flavor notes.  In Dragon's Nest, we taste passion fruit, rose, and candy.

Roast: Light

A light roast allows this coffee's characteristics to shine, letting us highlight the great work and care taken by the farmers of this coffee.

Processing: dry + Washed Blend

In dry-processed coffee, the coffee cherry dries onto the bean before removal.

Adventurous Brew

If you're used to more classic coffees, Dragon's Nest may feel a bit adventurous.  Roll for initiative.

Customer Reviews

Based on 112 reviews
Good, but...

Not bad! We ordered the full bean version because of the delicious instant version of the same name.
While it is a decent coffee, the bean version is a bit on the bitter side (which I personally do not prefer) and not quite as rich as the instant version. For me, the freshly ground beans are quite enjoyable with cream and sugar and might even be good as a cold brew. It is definitely worth trying! However, I would not recommend drinking this as a hot, black coffee unless you enjoy a sightly acid, bitter flavor.

Isaia Boatic
Dragon's Nest

This coffee is a hit with my roommate and I for our French press, my best friend from work got me hooked to your coffee. Love It!!!!

Cameron Lanch
Great beans and roast, but not to my taste

I can't stress enough how high quality the beans feel and how lovely the roast is, but in combination it pulls a high acidity shot that I am having trouble correcting for. I prefer a nice balance of acidity to bitterness. But my partner, who lives for acidic coffee, is in love with this blend, and we will certainly be purchasing it again.

Joshua Ryan
Really great coffee

So my gaming group just got together this last weekend and we tried the Dragon's Nest coffee for the first time. It. Was. Awesome. I have been drinking it ever since. The flavor is perfect. The coffee is smooth and has a light sweetness. I will be ordering this coffee again.

Cole Harting

Dragon's Nest

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Dragon's Nest Aeropress Demo

An Aeropress is a great tool to bring on your next adventure.  Watch as Andrew shows off the great recipe made by Wendelien van Bunnik, the 2019 World Aeropress Champion

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