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Dragon's Nest

Adventurous Brew | Light Roast | 12 oz


A dry-processed coffee can introduce fruity a floral notes to a blend, and this blend mixes one with a more traditional washed coffee to both add depth and balance the sweetness. It's the kind of coffee that turns coffee drinkers into coffee lovers.

Lore from the heights of the hoard: Far above a remote mountainous town, people travel from near and far to thwart a legendary dragon. Past the mountains, past the airships, past the clouds lies a dragon atop her nest—reveling in the fact that people simply do not look high enough. Of course, the adventurer that figures out the puzzle will be faced with the next task: climbing a precarious nest made of latte foam and coffee grounds!

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Ingredients: Roasted Coffee

If brewing by hand or using a drip machine, start with a 1:16 coffee-to- water mass ratio. If lacking a scale, use about 3 tbsp of ground coffee for every 8 fl. oz. of coffee you want to brew. Sweet and bright, this brew is best enjoyed black or with touch of alternative milk. Perfect for if you're a sky pirate of legend, afraid of no storm nor foe that might cross you. Or, you just have a bit of an adventurous palate.

Customer Reviews

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I loved this coffee. We have just finished out bag!


One of the crews favorite. It was requested last game by the DM.


Good coffee


Makes great coldbrew!


Dragon's Nest

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Dragon's Nest Aeropress Demo

An Aeropress is a great tool to bring on your next adventure.  Watch as Andrew shows off the great recipe made by Wendelien van Bunnik, the 2019 World Aeropress Champion

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