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Monthly Single Origin Coffee - 12oz


It's December, and this month we're featuring the funky, yet tasty, coffee "Arisarina."  This one is from Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia with notes of apple and brown sugar, balanced by the depth of umami in the cup.  We're excited to introduce it!

Only 400 boxes available. Includes 12 oz Bag of Coffee, A Numbered (x/400) Card, Limited Edition Sticker, D&D 5e Compatible Magic Item (this month, it's Romulus' Wolf Helm), and a Random Set of Dice. Each 1st of the month, we will introduce a new single origin coffee and extras. Once we sell out, that's it until next month!

Order this if...

You're looking for a no-nonsense, unique coffee to pair with the last-minute grind of session prep. Or if you are a third-wave coffee lover!

Pairs well with...

Games where you're looking for a new memorable experience, or occasions where you bust out the game that started it all for you. This coffee will help ground you and keep you present enough to win.

Roast: Medium

For this special coffee, we give it a bit more roast. At a medium roast, it brings a brightness to this coffee to balance the body of the savory, earthy notes!

Origin: Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia

We're featuring Sumatra this December. Well-known as a unique and high-volume growing region, Sumatran coffees often have a combination of earthy, creamy, umami notes.

Processing: Wet Hulled

Similar to a washed coffee, Arisarina is a wet-hulled process. This brings a lot of the darker, bolder flavors to the forefront of this coffee.

A gem from Sumatra

This coffee is grown in the northernmost part of Sumatra at an elevation of 12-1400 MASL. It's a very special example from this well-regarded coffee-growing region!

Customer Reviews

Based on 156 reviews
Marcella P

This was a beautiful blend of coffee.

Sam Holasek
Treasured realm

The best coffee subscription I've had. The magic item was fun and not too overpowered. The dice were nice. The coffee was very good.

Daniele Corrado

Treasured Realm


I try a lot of different coffees and this one, as well as others on this site, are some of the best I've ever had. Genuinely delicious stuff.

Jessica Sibilia

Treasured Realm

Included D&D Magic Item: "Romulus' Wolf Helm"

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement) 

This intricate, beautiful helm is adorned with wolf's fur and molded from the strongest of steel. You gain +1 to AC and +1 to Strength while attuned to this item.

The wearer has advantage on melee attack rolls against a target if at least one of the wearer's allies is within 5 ft. of the target and the ally is not incapacitated.

Do good with your dollar and support the gaming community.

For every bag sold at Many Worlds Tavern, $1 is donated to a charity that helps gamers. This includes organizations like The Spiel Foundation, The House of Afros, Capes & Curls, Tabletop Gaymers, and the Tabletop Alliance.

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No board game night, roleplaying session, or tavern brawl is complete without something to share amongst friends. Surprise your traveling party with a fresh-brewed carafe of specialty coffee to reach max levels of hospitality.

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