The April '22 Treasured Realm drop is here with an absolutely delicious Guatemalan coffee. We have 400 boxes available!

Treasured Realm


The Best Single-Origin Coffees We Can Find.

Only 400 boxes available.  Includes 12 oz Bag of Coffee, A Numbered (x/400) Card, Limited Edition Sticker, D&D 5e Compatible Magic Item (this month, we include a coffee-themed staff!), and a Set of Dice Each month, we will introduce a new single origin coffee and extras.  Once we sell out, that's it!

This month's Coffee: Huehue

Origin: Guatemala

From the Huehuetenango region, this coffee is a rich and chocolatey example of what Guatemalan coffee has to offer.

Roast: Medium

A coffee like this goes really well with a medium roast profile to highlight the cooked sugar flavors and to maintain its creamy body.  A well-developed, sweet coffee ends up in the cup.

Processing: Washed

This coffee was grown by the Civil Comercializadora Maya Alternativa (COMAL) and Unión Pequeños Productores (UPC) as part of their Coffee Kids program.

Coffee Kids Project

Working with more than 100 youth in Huehuetenango, the Coffee Kids program encourages entrepreneurial spirit in young farmers through training, mentoring, and financing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Michael Annechino
Regular Customer

I've ordered the Treasured Realm for the past few months now and plan to continue trying them as they come out! While I definitely prefer some roasts over others, it has been a lot of fun to try different flavors of coffee I wouldn't otherwise explore, and have even found a new favorite with the most recent Huehue roast. I really loved the creative magic item it came with and it will make a perfect reward for one the players in my campaign! The packaging is very well-crafted and the attention to detail is evident to me in pretty much every facet of the product. While the shipping costs do add up, I've saved some money by ordering with a friend to qualify for free shipping. I think this would make a fantastic subscription box service!

Brennen Albrecht
Extra care

Took the time to help me change a mistake I made on my order.

Not worth the $25

The packaging and extras are really nice, but the coffee was quite disappointing. My wife prefers a dark roast while I like medium, but we were both let down. We tried multiple ways to brew and nothing made us like it. The dark roast is much better in comparison. We tried drinking this coffee 1.- Black 2.- with milk
3.-with creamer 4.-with alcohol (nothing really made it good)

Huehue (April)

The Heuheu treasured realm is now one of my wife’s favorite coffees. We ordered three. The dice and the cat stickers are fun for my kids. Can’t wait for next month’s selection. Keep up the good work guys!

Julian Shelnutt
Excellent Treasure Loot

This coffee has a nice sweet taste to it which is great when you're cutting down on how much sweetener you use per cup. I adored all the little bonus merch I got with my order and can't wait to use the magical item in a game. Would love to try something similar in the future!

Included D&D Magic Items: "Staff of Vitality" and ingredients

"Staff, Rare (Requires Attunement by a Bard, Cleric, Druid, Sorcerer, or Wizard).  This wooden staff is topped with a conical funnel featuring an array of small holes in its base.  Beneath the funnel rests a floating crystal decanter that can be easily removed once a creature is attuned to the staff.  the staff can be used with water to brew a beverage using dried ingredients such as coffee, tea, or botanicals.  Any beverage brewed this way requires 5 minutes of time to be completed, and it is treated as if affected by the Purify Food and Drink spell. This staff has 10 Charges.  When brewing a beverage using the staff, you can expend 1 or more of its Charges to add the following effects to the decanter, depending on what is being brewed.  When charges are used during brewing, the ingredients swirl about above the staff until the decanter is consumed, at which point the ingredients turn to dust and are expended.  In addition, while holding the staff, you can use an action to expend 1 or more of its Charges to cast one of the following Spells from it, using your spell save DC and Spellcasting ability modifier:  False Life (1 Charge per Spell Level, up to 4th), Aid (2 charges, plus 1 Charge per Spell Level, up to 4th), or Death Ward (4 charges).  The staff regains 1d6 + 4 expended Charges daily at dawn.  If you expend the last charge, roll a d20.  On a 1, the decanter shatters, and the staff loses its magic."


1 Charge: up to 10 creatures that use an action to drink a sip from the decanter are affected as if they had eaten a berry created by the Goodberry spell.


3 Charges: a creature that uses an action to drink from the decanter becomes the beneficiary of a Haste spell for 1 minute, without the need for concentration.

Herbs, Invigorating

1-4 Charges: a creature that uses an action to drink the decanter regains 1d8+1 hp per Charge spent.  If multiple charges are spent, the decanter can be shared by up to that many creatures, and each creature that drinks regains 1d8+1hp.

Herbs, Relaxing

3 Charges: up to 3 creatures that use an action to consume at least a sip of the decanter's liquid immediately fall unconscious for up to 10 minutes.  If they remain sleeping for that entire duration, they gain all the normal benefits of a short rest.


1-4 Charges: a creature that uses an action to drink the decanter becomes the beneficiary of a Heroism spell for 1 minute, without the need for concentration.  If multiple charges are spent, the decanter can be shared by up to that many creatures, and each creature takes a drink gains the Heroism effect.

Become the hero of game night.

No board game night, roleplaying session, or tavern brawl is complete without something to share amongst friends. Surprise your traveling party with a fresh-brewed carafe of specialty coffee to reach max levels of hospitality.

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