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Treasured Realm


The Best Single-Origin Coffees We Can Find.

Only 100 Available!  12 oz bag, x/100 Numbered Card, Limited Edition Sticker, D&D 5e Compatible Magic Item, Set of Dice Each month, we will introduce a new single origin coffee, a collectible card, a new original 5e Magic Item (printed on a 3.5x5 card), and a set of polyhedral dice.

Origin: Costa Rica

From one of our favorite producers, Diego Guardia, a fifth generation coffee farmer who operates Hacienda Sonora in Costa Rica's Central Valley.

Roast: Medium

A roasting profile designed to maximize the most out of the both coffee processes.

Processing: Honey + Natural

It's a wonderful mix of the two processes from the same farm, punching up the sweetest characteristics of the beans.

Red Gold

The crema of these beans is so luxurious that they have become known as “red gold.”

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Become the hero of game night.

No board game night, roleplaying session, or tavern brawl is complete without something to share amongst friends. Surprise your traveling party with a fresh-brewed carafe of specialty coffee to reach max levels of hospitality.

Do good with your dollar and support the gaming community.

For every bag sold at Many Worlds Tavern, $1 is donated to a charity that helps gamers. This includes organizations like The Spiel Foundation, The House of Afros, Capes & Curls, and Tabletop Gaymers.

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About Treasured Realm

An Aeropress is a great tool to bring on your next adventure.  Watch as Andrew shows off the great recipe made by Wendelien van Bunnik, the 2019 World Aeropress Champion

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Your coffee is roasted within the week it gets shipped. Your game night deserves fresh coffee!

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High-Quality Coffee

All coffee from Many Worlds Tavern is 100% natural, free of artificial flavors or additives.