It's August and that means the new Treasured Realm drop is here with an anaerobic-processed Colombian coffee called "VERGEL".  We have 400 Numbered Sets with all the extra goodies!

Treasured Realm


The Best Single-Origin Coffees We Can Find.

Only 400 boxes available.  Includes 12 oz Bag of Coffee, A Numbered (x/400) Card, Limited Edition Sticker, D&D 5e Compatible Magic Item (this month, it's the Umlaut's Spool), and a Set of Dice Each 1st of the month, we will introduce a new single origin coffee and extras.  Once we sell out, that's it!

This month's Coffee: Vergel

Origin: Tolima, Colombia

Vergel is our 2nd Colombian feature in a row. We want to showcase just how different two unique processing methods and roast levels can taste.

Roast: Light

Vergel has a lighter roast profile, as we are choosing to highlight its more intense, fruity characteristics and less of coffee's cooked sugar or roasted nut notes.

Processing: Anaerobic Natural

Fermenting in an oxygen-free environment allows for a higher degree of control from the producer and a unique flavor profile in the cup.


The funkiest coffee that Many Worlds has offered.  We're tasting red sangria, berries, and tropical fruit.

Treasured Realm is now available as a subscription!  Subscribe to secure a box every time they come out and save 10% off.  NOTE: Subscribers will be charged when they order if there is stock and then every first of the month.

Customer Reviews

Based on 107 reviews
Rich Elijah
Excellent total package

Dice, coffee, and magic items! The coffee has a great aroma and full flavor.

grayson tucker

Treasured Realm

Gheorghe Orbesteanu
the package hasn t arrived yet !

Check status please

Jon P
A subtle flavor

This coffee came out very well and did carry subtle fruity flavors (as fruity as one may get with coffee). Now I'm not much of a black coffee drinker, so tasting it as such was odd but not a bad experience. In my usual mixup of some sweetener and italian cream, the coffee was noticeable but not cutting through.
A great balance for sure.

As this is the start of my journey through the tastes provided by MWT, I am looking forward to the future roasts wherever they may lead.

Danny corris
Decent start

Although bitter, i found the taste good and enjoyable first thing in the morning

Included D&D Magic Item: "Umlaut's Spool"

"Wondrous Item, Rare: This neatly spooled ball of yarn will lead a creature to a destination of its choosing when activated. To activate, a creature must speak its command word before describing a known creature, object, or location within 1000 feet. Alternatively, the user can describe a general type of creature, object, or location of a particular kind, such as humanoids, weapons, or shrines. When setting the spool on the ground, a spectral mouse appears at the end of the yarn and scurries off in the direction of the nearest creature, object, or destination described and pushes or pulls the ball of yarn at a speed of 100 feet per minute. It takes the shortest traversable path to its destination that allows it to keep pushing or pulling the ball of yarn. If the creature, object, or location described is moving, the mouse adjusts course to take the shortest path to it. When the mouse reaches its destination or travels 1000 feet, it stops moving and begins rolling up the ball of yarn at a speed of 1000 feet of yarn per minute before disappearing. The spool’s magic allows the mouse to move up to 1000 feet per day, and the distance it can move renews each day at dawn. If the creature, object, or location described is protected from divination or in another plane of existence, the mouse follows a random path until it has gone 1000 feet, at which point it disappears and leaves the yarn behind unspooled. If unspooled this way, the yarn loses its magic until the dawn following it being manually rewound. The yarn cannot be cut except by a magical blade, and it can resist 250 pounds of force before it snaps. If the yarn is severed, the mouse disappears immediately, and the spool’s magic is lost until the dawn following a successful repair via a Mending spell.

Want to learn more?

Chris does a taste test of the new Treasured Realm, comparing the flavor to red sangria and macerated berries.  Try it iced to really highlight the similarity!

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