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Treasured Realm

Monthly Coffee Feature Box Set | 12 oz


This lovely little bean comes to us from the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea, and when we say little, we mean LITTLE. This month's coffee, Riftwild, is a peaberry, which is what happens when a coffee bean grows without a twin inside its cherry. It's terribly sad, but also delicious. This peaberry is giving dark chocolate and brown sugar, with hints of blackberry and dried plum.

Each box of Treasured Realm includes:

• 12 oz bag of our monthly featured single origin coffee
• Collectible realm card (numbered x/1000)
• Collectible realm sticker
• 5E magic item (this month, you get the Whistlebolt)
• Randomly selected full set of  polyhedral dice.
Each 1st of the month, we introduce a new single-origin coffee and extras. Once we sell out, that's it until next month!

Riftwild • The badlands called the Riftwild earned the name from the spontaneously-opening portals throughout the region, giving way to hundreds (possibly thousands) of undiscovered extraplanar entities. The land that was already inhospitable and sparse became even more so, as the rifts continue opening and closing of their own accord.But for those with a career in hunting monsters, business booms like the traps they set under these ever-yellow skies.

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20240208 - Recipe Elements-08.png__PID:5d9376c0-df34-4b76-9f83-a3c037b67b46
20240208 - Recipe Elements-01.png__PID:76c0df34-7b76-4f83-a3c0-37b67b465edb
20240208 - Recipe Elements-02.png__PID:df347b76-df83-43c0-b7b6-7b465edbc456

Ingredients: Roasted coffee.

If brewing by hand or using a drip machine, start with a 1:16 coffee-to-water mass ratio. If lacking a scale, use about 3 tbsp of ground coffee for every 8 fl. oz. of coffee you want to brew. 

Magic Item: Whistlebolt

Weapon (Hand Crossbow), Uncommon

  This magical hand-fired gun has a 30-foot spool of rope attached to a barbed crossbow bolt. It automatically fails any attack against a target further than 30 feet away. When it deals damage to a creature or object, the bolt becomes attached to the target. As a bonus action, you can trigger the rope to recoil. If it is attached to a target larger than you in size or weight, you can pull yourself up to 30 feet in the direction of your target. If it is attached to a target smaller than you in size or weight, you can pull the creature up to 30 feet in your direction. If it is a target of equal size or weight, you can choose which effect occurs. The creature may resist being pulled towards you with a successful DC 13 Strength saving throw. The movement caused by this action, regardless of direction, counts toward the movement you have remaining in your turn.While the bolt is attached to a creature in this way, you can release the bolt at will or attempt to inhibit the movement of the creature as a reaction when the creature attempts to move. Unless the creature succeeds a DC 13 Strength saving throw, it cannot move further away from you until the beginning of your next turn.A creature can use a bonus action to remove the bolt, and you can use a bonus action to release the bolt and have the rope recoil into the weapon.

Illustrated by LLOPX.

Whistlebolt Card_Front 1.png__PID:7b76df83-a3c0-47b6-bb46-5edbc4560cee

Customer Reviews

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Tryphena Elliott

Treasured Realm

Great coffee, cute stuff

I’m very happy the quality of the coffee and the stickers and dice. Puts a smile on my face every month!

Elise Ferre

Treasured Realm

Rebecca Hereford
Good product

The coffee was good, but best done as a cold brew. I loved all the stuff that came with it, including the pretty box and paper. My husband and I both wanted the stickers too

Holly Felice
Best coffee!

Best coffee I’ve had and we love that it has a new one to try every month!

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