We started an online coffee roasting and tea company...

to share our love for coffee, tea, games, and the beautiful combination of the three.  We dream of being the leading provider of coffee and tea for game nights, board game cafes, and adventuring parties everywhere. We want to do this while supporting the gaming community by donating a portion of every bag sold, advocating for safe gaming spaces for all, and partnering with like-minded creators in the gaming space. We hope to promote creativity, competition, cooperation, critical thinking, and challenging oneself, just as the games we love do the same.  Welcome to the tavern!

Support the Community with Every Bag

It's easy to say we want to support the community.  It's more difficult to commit to donating a portion of every bag sale to amazing gaming related nonprofits.

Bring New Fans to Specialty Coffee and Tea

With experience in coffee from behind the bar, in the roastery, and creating cafes, we hope to showcase coffee and tea to gamers who might not be familiar.

Sell Coffee Directly To You

Without a brick-and-mortar location, we can ethically source coffee and tea and more easily get it to you wherever you are!

Share content, Make Cool Merch, Have Fun

We're geeks too, and we want to make creative content and merch that WE have always wanted to buy!

Tavern keepers in this era:

Andrew Loreman


When I’m not doodling out some graphics for MWT, there’s a good chance I’m prepping for my ongoing 5e campaign, turning my brain off a few minutes to enjoy a video game, or having a lightsaber duel with my 7-year-old son. You can get me to play any game (digital or tabletop) that has beautiful art or innovative design, but you will have a hard time eclipsing my love for D&D.

Steven Harrison


Between running my 5e campaigns, slinging drinks at a local coffee shop, and trying to catch up on my Steam backlog, I write content for Many Worlds! I love learning new games nearly as much as I do playing them, and I especially enjoy any game that has an amazing narrative, or lets people make one for themselves...like D&D, Dragon Age, Red Dead Redemption, The Witcher, and (as soon as I have time for it,) Baldur's Gate 3.


Jo Cavros


There are few things I love more in this world than escaping it. Nothing beats getting lost in a great story, whether it’s film, theatre, books, video games, or TTRPG. I aim to live a thousand lifetimes in one by delving into fantasy worlds and bringing them to life with cosplay and innovative content. I thrive most when immersing myself in stories with creative, quality roleplay, and clever narratives.

So, Who's The Cat?

We walked into the tavern—boots heavy with exhaustion, stomachs empty of ale.  All manner of creature was present. Music blared and raucous laughter filled the room.  It was a welcome sight.  Despite receiving a curious look or two, this tavern felt safe.  The individuals I perceived as regulars looked comfortable—the kind of comfortable that only comes when you spend a great amount of time at a place.  A gray tabby cat sauntered gracefully across the bar before disappearing around the corner.  "That's Ernie!" the barkeeper said, in a welcoming voice.  "Keeps us all in line 'round here.  What're you having?"

"Got any coffee?"