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Great Old One

Long Dark Roast | 12 oz


You enjoy something heavy, bold, and rich. Bright coffee is for paladins. We take a blend of Brazilian and Tanzanian coffee with notes of dark chocolate and almonds far into the roast process, resulting in a delicious bittersweet dark roast that doesn't taste burnt or ashy.

Lore from the cosmic unknown: From the depths, mystery lurks. The expanse of darkness cannot be known, but it can be explored. Whispers and dreams creep into the waking world, as followers of the the Old Ones seek to further the agenda to awaken the esoteric beast and bring about the end of the ages. At least, that's how the retired sailor that lives around the corner tells the story to travelers looking for wealth and glory.

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Ingredients: Roasted Coffee

If brewing by hand or using a drip machine, start with a 1:16 coffee-to- water mass ratio. If lacking a scale, use about 3 tbsp of ground coffee for every 8 fl. oz. of coffee you want to brew. With notes of baking chocolate and almond, it's perfect for when you need to bring some coffee to the annual Eldritch cultist pot-luck, or you just like a bittersweet brew in the morning.

Customer Reviews

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More Medium then dark roast

Ashley Dell

Great Old One

Delicious and Dark

The Great Old One is one of the most delicious dark roasts I have ever tried. I love the flavor of it.

Arden Ranta
Our household go-to

I love this dark roast enough to get two bags a month and turned my former office on to it for their daily pot. If you want to amp up the chocolate notes, brew it with some cocoa powder mixed into the grounds and thank me later!

Friends love it!

My friends seem to love it. Its always the first one to run out at game night and its in the larger pot.

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A Portion of Every Bag Donated to Gaming-Related Nonprofits

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Brew With US: Great Old One

We've got a simple pour over recipe to go with our dark roasted Great Old One.  The goal is to use 16 times the amount of water to coffee.  Use medium grind coffee and water just off the boil, pour in stages every 30 seconds, and let it drain.  Enjoy!

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