Great Old One


Like the darkness of the cosmos.

12oz bag
You enjoy something heavy, bold, and rich. Bright coffee is for paladins. We take a blend of Guatemalan and Tanzanian coffee with notes of dark chocolate and almonds far into the roast process, resulting in delicious cooked sugar flavors in the cup (think caramel and toffee). The combination makes for a bittersweet dark roast that doesn't taste burnt or ashy.

Origin: Tanzania + Guatemala blend

A combination that brings great body, sweetness, and flavor.  The best of two great coffee-growing regions.

Roast: Dark

It's easy to over-roast coffee.  Great Old One is a dark roast with a mindful touch.

Processing: Washed

A washed coffee implies a classic-tasting profile with great clarity of flavors.

Long Dark Blend

For the dungeon divers, the spooky storytellers, the Cthulhu curious.

Customer Reviews

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Liz W.
If you want a real dark roast, you will be disappointed.

I prefer medium-dark roasts, so I originally purchased Homely House which is listed as a medium roast (just in case the dark was too dark). I found that was far, far too light for me, so I got Great Old One, listed as a dark roast, to try next. Unfortunately, this is barely any darker than Homely House, and even calling it a medium roast would be generous in my opinion. Even if we consider it at least a medium, it is definitely NOT a dark roast, not by a long shot. If you compare Homely House and Great Old One side by side you can barely notice a difference in the color of the beans. I would usually expect a dark roast to have been roasted at least long enough to start bringing out the oils so the beans have a shiny surface, but these do not have that. Lest you think I'm talking merely about appearance here, the smell and the taste also have that characteristic acidic aroma of lighter roasts ("bright" in coffee-speak, but for me it brings to mind cooked tomatoes). I understand that lighter roasts are generally preferred amongst coffee drinkers with a more sophisticated palette than mine, so I think this coffee is probably still just fine overall, which is why I have rated this a 3 instead of a 1 or 2. However, I unfortunately cannot give it higher than that as it is listed as a dark roast and simply is not. If you want a dark roast, you will be disappointed. If you pretty much can ONLY enjoy coffee if has been roasted long enough to remove the "bright" acidic flavor, you will be very, very disappointed. I really wanted to support Many Worlds Tavern because I love the idea of a geeky roastery but unfortunately it seems there's nothing in your lineup that will work for me. Let me know if you come up with an "ultra dark" roast. ;)

Monica Fraguada

Pretty good!

My favorite MWT Coffee!

A perfectly done dark roast!

Mitchell School
Tanzania or bust

Thank you for carrying Tanzanian coffee. My new every day coffee. Also thanks for supporting Tolarian Community College. Please do again.

Drinkable, decent roast, smooth, not terribly bitter

Really enjoyed this dark roast, it was not bitter at all. It worked well in my half caff blends that I enjoy, but also made for a great cup on its own.

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Brew With US: Great Old One

We've got a simple pour over recipe to go with our dark roasted Great Old One.  The goal is to use 16 times the amount of water to coffee.  Use medium grind coffee and water just off the boil, pour in stages every 30 seconds, and let it drain.  Enjoy!

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