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Fabled Foliage

Monthly Tea Feature Box Set | 3 oz Green tea Blend


For May's Fabled Foliage, we present Solcoral, a dessert-like rooibos blend. It's creamy, sweet, and tart, and the smell will make you think you are baking lemon pastries. Uncaffeinated.

Each Fabled Foliage box includes:

• 3 oz. of our monthly featured loose leaf tea or tisane
• Collectible numbered realm card (x/800)
• Collectible vinyl realm sticker
• 5E spell card (this month is Gaze of the Void!).
• Randomly selected full set of polyhedral dice.
Each 1st of the month, we introduce a new loose leaf feature and extras. Once we sell out, that's it until next month! 

Solcoral • Some days, the odd, sparkling clouds above the Ethersea settle into nebular fog.More experienced ethersailors have thus learned to look for solcoral reefs—natural underwater landmarks that emit such immense light, they’re generally visible from several nautical miles away, even through the fog and above the waves. The color of the light signals the depth of each reef: a nearly blinding white light within a dozen yards of the surface, to a strange ultra-violet glow when miles below.

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20240430 - Recipe Elements-05.png__PID:db118713-5fbc-48c0-986d-dd3a248f7c1c
20240430 - Recipe Elements-06.png__PID:87135fbc-28c0-486d-9d3a-248f7c1c5739
20240430 - Tea Recipe Elements-01.png__PID:5fbc28c0-186d-4d3a-a48f-7c1c57396454
20240430 - Tea Recipe Elements-02.png__PID:28c0186d-dd3a-448f-bc1c-57396454586f

Uncaffeinated • Ingredients: Organic Green Rooibos, Organic Orange Peel, Organic Rose Petals, Cornflowers, Natural Flavors

To brew, add 1 tbsp (5g) of tea per 8 fl oz. (235g) water at 205˚F (96˚C). Steep for 5 minutes and enjoy! This brew is DECADENT, with creamy sweet lemon flavor throughout.

May's Spell: Gaze of the Void

8th Level Divination
Casting Time: 1 action
Range/Area: 150 feet
Components: V, M
Duration: Instantaneous

  You allow an entity beyond your comprehension a momentary glance upon a creature through your eyes. A creature that you can see within range must make a Wisdom saving throw. They take 12d12 psychic damage on a failed save, and or half as much damage on a successful save. If they fail the save by more than 10, they suffer three levels of exhaustion for the next hour.
  Material • A chunk of abyssal solcoral.

  Class List • Warlock

20240418 - Gaze of the Void_Back 1.png__PID:186ddd3a-248f-4c1c-9739-6454586fcd22

Customer Reviews

Based on 105 reviews
Best rooibos I've ever had!

Solcoral was so delicious! I have never tried a rooibos that I loved until this one. It's creamy and citrusy and just so good with a dash of honey. The whole concept of the box is amazing, it combines two things I absolutely love: dnd and tea! The dice were cute and the packaging was so cool.


The tea was delicious.


I love getting these boxes every month! So nice to get home open one up and enjoy the dice and tea with my boyfriend

Simon Olcott


Sierra Mollenkopf
A Delightful Subscription

Thoughtful tea blends, new dice, and the lore that surrounds them - what’s not to love?

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