August '21 Update.  Many Worlds Tavern is here!

August '21 Update. Many Worlds Tavern is here!

Don't want to read?  We filmed a video for the August '21 Update here:

Many Worlds Tavern August '21 Update

The highlights:

We raised $186 through our giving back program!

Games we talk about (links to BGG):

Letter Jam

Aeon's End: The New Age

Summer Camp

Looking ahead:

The launch went great!  We're hoping to roll out a few more products soon.  First of all, we are working with a manufacturing partner to create specialty-grade instant coffee.  If we want to make Coffee for Game Night (and you're not hosting), we know that the easiest way to do that will be with instant.  However, we believe there are many instant options that are lower-quality than we would like to label as Many Worlds coffee.  We tasted a lot of samples, and we think you're going to like who we're going with!  All of the coffee will still be roasted in-house by our team.  We ship it out, they do their instant coffee magic, and we get delicious crystals of coffee back!

Second, we're working on setting up a single origin club.  Though we love the wide spectrum of coffees we achieve w/ the four blend lineup, we also love single-origin coffee (coffee that comes from one farm, co-op, or small region).  We think it'd be fun to make a club where we send a single-origin coffee every month, with extra goodies like exclusive stickers/merch and videos discussing the coffee.  We're still in the beginning phases, so any feedback or ideas helps us a ton!


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