Answering the Coffee Questions We've always Heard

We've spent plenty of time behind the coffee bar, and there are some questions that come up over and over.  We love talking about coffee, so in this series we try and answer some of those questions!

Coffee Questions in Episode 1:

  • What's the difference between different coffee beans?
  • How do you find out your coffee preferences?
  • What is Fair Trade coffee?  Is Many Worlds Tavern coffee Fair Trade?
  • Why should I brew coffee manually, instead of using a coffee maker (this answer might surprise you!)?

Savannah Childress is an incredible roaster, barista, and latte artist from Houston.  She used to roast for Boomtown Coffee (Many Worlds' sister company), and we had the pleasure of cupping (the formal way of tasting and grading coffee samples) with her every week, comparing notes and discussing the qualities of the coffees. 

Got a question you've always wanted to ask your barista?

Let us know!  Leave a comment on the YouTube video with questions and we'll include in a future episode.