Our New Nerdy Latte Art Series: Crema Arcana!

We're starting a new set of shows for the Many Worlds Tavern YouTube channel.  Latte art is one of those things that makes specialty coffee really unique.  It's one simple way that coffee shops can stand out and showcase that a drink was made with care.  If you make espresso at home, it's also something that you can learn to do yourself!  When it comes to latte art, there was one person we knew we had to call.

Savannah Childress is an incredible roaster, barista, and latte artist from Houston.  She used to roast for Boomtown Coffee (Many Worlds' sister company), and we had the pleasure of cupping (the formal way of tasting and grading coffee samples) with her every week, comparing notes and discussing the qualities of the coffees.  She lends her expertise to us again in this new video series where she puts a nerdy twist on latte art.  This episode, she makes latte art of a D20, a dragon, and the MWT cat.  This is episode one of Crema Arcana!

Latte art Tips from Savannah

  • Grab your tools. You'll need a pitcher to steam milk with and something pointy to draw your design.  I've used toothpicks, milk thermometers, and even the handles of demitasse spoons.
  • Orient the cup. When you make your design, know which way the coffee will be presented to your guest.  From their perspective, this is usually with the handle on the right.
  • Sink your etching tool. You want the foam to sit on the surface of the crema.  To do that, you have to drag the tool while sinking it down.  If you just drag across, you won't get the foam off the edges of tool. 
  • When pulling crema, pick it up from the edges of the cup. If you grab crema from the middle of the cup, you'll get stab marks  on your canvas.
  • It's okay to make mistakes. It's usually pretty easy to patch up your designs.  Just use your tool to shape up any issues.

We're taking requests!

Want to see something in latte art?  Leave a comment on the YouTube video with suggestions and you might just see an episode of it in the near future.  Like this video?  Make sure to like, subscribe, and hit the notification bell to keep up with us.