FDM Printers Are Great For Making D&D Scatter.  Here Are My Top 9 Free STL Files. - Many Worlds Tavern

FDM Printers Are Great For Making D&D Scatter.  Here Are My Top 9 Free STL Files.

If you have an FDM printer (like the great Ender 3 Pro), chances are you’ve been a bit disappointed with the results for printed miniatures.  They’re better than nothing, but after getting our very own resin printer (the Anycubic Photon S), my craggly, face-melted FDM minis don’t feel as special.

Scatter, however, is a perfect use case for an FDM printer.  Tables, chairs, trees, piles of bones… objects like these add awesome ambience to a D&D map and don’t require a fine level of detail.  As such, they can be printed quickly.  Building a small collection of these pieces will really elevate a D&D table.

3D print file repositories can be a little disorganized, so I’ve compiled a list of my favorite 3D printed scatter pieces for your convenience:

Library Shelving by user JenniferG



28mm Bar Back and Accessories by user Curufin



Viking Goods Pile by user dutchmogul



Delving Décor: Wolf Throne (28mm/Heroic Scale) by user dutchmogul



Wine Rack by user Toawi



Open Forge Tavern Bread Oven by user devonjones



Bone Pile – Tabletop Scatter Terrain by user M3DM



Two Wheel Flat top Cart – D&D Scatter by user zachfejes



Chest by user Toawi




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