A full playthrough of one of our favorite new co-op board games: The Loop by Pandasaurus

We're chasing Dr. Faux through time as he leaves clones and creates time rifts! Will we be successful?  Check out the episode MWT Plays below:

Joined by some friends (whom I met when they were game guides at Tea + Victory, an awesome board game cafe in Houston), Dr. Faux doesn't stand a chance.  The Loop combines unique player powers, action points, simple deckbuilding, and a really fun cube tower to make a really smooth-playing experience.

The Loop Strategy Tips

  • Be aggressive. Just like in Pandemic, you're playing on a timer in The Loop.  If you don't go for missions aggressively, there's a good chance that Dr. Faux will destroy one of them with rift cubes.
  • Don't forget to use your player powers. The player powers in The Loop are some of the most powerful abilities.  Use them well and you'll have a much better chance at winning!
  • Use the green cubes. In our plays, the game hasn't gone on so long that we're starving on green cubes.  Use them to loop and move far across the timeline.
  • Know when to tunnel vision. If you're on the last two missions, pick one and stick to it.  Splitting your attention with the other mission available might cause Dr. Faux to catch up.
  • Communicate and use teamwork. If you do something that your teammate could have done much better in their next turn, you may have wasted redundant actions instead of doing something else that would have been helpful to the team.

Have you played The Loop!

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