Treasured Realm is the newest project from Many Worlds Tavern.  We love our four blends of coffee.  They were designed to cover a really wide spectrum of coffee drinkers, and we worked hard to make sure they taste consistently delicious.

However, we also love experiencing single origin coffee—coffees that come from one farm, cooperative, or small region.  These coffees highlight the unique nuances of their origin's "terroir": factors such as climate, elevation, and soil.  Terroir is a borrowed term from the wine world.  If you've ever been to a wine tasting (or even cracked open a second bottle during dinner), you may have experienced how differently things can taste based on where they were grown.

We are also expecting each Treasured Realm release to include something special, whether that be an exclusive sticker, merchandise, or something we haven't even thought of yet.  Also, every release will be accompanied by a video brewing demo, where we taste the coffee and give our thoughts.

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