Homely House Instant Coffee 6-Pack


Take A bit of Home With You

6x Swift Instant Coffee Sachets
For us here at Many Worlds Tavern, a game night normally consists of a little grub with good friends around a table. However, as the night wears on and the gaming doesn't show signs of stopping, we start to wish we had coffee nearby. We would love to bring beans to game night, but we never remember if our GM has a grinder or brewing equipment. So, we teamed up with the technological wizards at Swift Cup Coffee. We send them our roasted coffee, and they work their instant magic—trapping our incredible coffee flavors forever in crystalline stasis. All you have to do to brew is add water, making it easier than ever to bring great coffee to the gaming table.  This box contains 6x sachets of Homely House, our comforting, classic house blend.

Origin: Guatemala + Tanzania Blend

Two origins combine for great flavor, sweetness, and body.  What results is a coffee we want to drink every single morning.

Roast: Medium

Homely House's medium roast highlights the delicious coffee while giving that familiar roasted flavor.

Processing: Washed

A washed coffee implies a classic-tasting profile with great clarity of flavors.

Comfort Blend

A blend that warm your soul.  Welcome to the tavern!

Customer Reviews

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Homely House Instant Coffee 6-Pack

Nancy Xia

This instant coffee is ridiculously tasty. I can't stop drinking it.

Katlin Harris
The ONLY instand coffe I will drink

So usually I LOATHE instant coffee, but periodically I will try different brands to see if anything has changed. This instant coffee is the ONLY one that I have ever tried that actually tasted like coffee when I made it. If you don't like the taste of instant coffee, this is honestly a good product to try. I was absolutely impressed 5/5 stars.

Also, side note that the environmental sustainability of their packaging makes me SOOOO happy to see. And all of the kitties on their packaging are so adorable. I'm so happy that I got an ad for this coffee/tea provider, and actually purchased!!

Great coffee in a pinch!

This is a great roast, even better when you're trying to make coffee in the morning fog!


Actually good instant. Might even be better than the beans!

Become the hero of game night.

No board game night, roleplaying session, or tavern brawl is complete without something to share amongst friends. Surprise your traveling party with a fresh-brewed carafe of specialty coffee to reach max levels of hospitality.

Do good with your dollar and support the community.

For every bag sold at Many Worlds Tavern, $1 is donated to a charity that helps gamers. This includes organizations like The Spiel Foundation, The House of Afros, Capes & Curls, and Tabletop Gaymers.

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