Origami Dripper - Ceramic


Brew with the Best

While you can make amazing coffee with a coffee maker or French Press, we love the ritual, the human touch, and the moment of pause that comes with pour over coffee.  Whether you're looking to try making pour overs for the first time or you're looking to finalize your gear collection with (what we consider to be) the best way to brew coffee manually, it's our absolute pleasure to offer the Origami Dripper.  With a design that can accommodate both flat-bottom (Kalita, Origami, or April) filters as well as conical (V60 or Origami) filters, the Origami also boasts a large aperture to ensure unclogged, even flow rate.  It's also made of minoware clay, a ceramic-making technique with a rich Japanese tradition and excellent heat-retention qualities.  This dripper is good for making about 1-4 cups per brew.

Customer Reviews

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Gerardo Sacco
Ceramic Dripper

Really nice. Very functional but also just a cool, nice design.

gorgeous and functional

best of both worlds with this beautiful and so useful dripper!

Pour Over Forever

The origami dripper is hands down my favorite way to make pour over. It’s absolutely gorgeous and it makes a great cup of coffee. If you’re thinking about purchasing one— I don’t think you’ll regret it.