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Sage's Gate

Lavender Mint Sage Tea | Uncaffeinated | 2.5 oz


Soothingly sweet with a comforting hug of herbs and florals.  A delicious tea with surprising depth of flavor.

Lore from the multiversal frontier: Of the seemingly infinite methods of reaching Many Worlds Tavern, the Sage’s Gates were known to be the most reliable. Unfortunately, the technology to build them has long since been lost, and most that remain stand only as monuments to a time when dimensional travel represented the pinnacle of luxury vacation. The few that do remain in operation–if they exist at all–are closely guarded secrets, and the resources they might grant their operators are beyond imagination. However, of all the wealth and riches that might be afforded to one with such access, no prize is more valuable or sought after than the ability to reliably travel to the Tavern itself.

Order this tea if...

you're a multiversal traveler taking a pit-stop before taking the Sage Gate.

Pairs well with...

your favorite sci-fi rpg (we love LANCER) or a universe-trekking game of Gaia Project, or a trip through time in The Loop.

Who's the Artist?

Bag art created by: Stefan Große Halbuer


Organic peppermint, organic sage, organic licorice, organic lavender, natural lavender extract 

The Cat’s Brew

Add 1.5 tbsp (4g) of tea to 12 fl oz. (350G) water at 200˚F (93˚C). Steep for 5 minutes and enjoy!  

Uncaffeinated | Lavender Mint Sage Tea

The freshness of herbs and lavender are balanced with licorice, giving the tea a rounded, sweet character.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Thomas Kimble
Holy moly this is fantastic!

You really made sure this coffee and package had a lot of care put in it. I don’t think I have been this excited to open a package in a long time! Also the dice I got I am using in our D&D campaign so thank you!!

Amazing coffee and tea!

We are extremely satisfied with our order! Many Worlds Tavern is a pretty cool place with some pretty great products!


I picked up a bag at RTX and I love to end my day with a cup of it. Great blend, quite relaxing, and not too strong on the mint! Love it.

Erica A
Not as balanced as I hoped

I thought this tea blend would be more mint forward with the other herbs adding nice notes and accents but the mint gets lost under the other herbs. Which is sad because this blend sounded wonderful.


I’m a heavy coffee drinker and don’t go for floral teas often but this one is SO good. Aromatic and smooth. Not sweet, a little warm like a chai tea. The sage was more dominant in flavor than I was expecting and the mint was mild. The lavender brings it all together. My personal preference is for stronger mint taste, but still a five star product because they took care making this blend unique and I believe enjoyable for all tea drinkers. It’s probably balanced this way intentionally because I can’t emphasize aromatic and smooth enough! Highly recommend if your looking for a unique floral blend.

A magic item from the Sage's Gates

Genuine relics of the Farthians—wandering nomads of the sea, following the stars—are extremely rare. Mysteriously, the Farthian crystal appears to be of the same type that the ancient Sage's Gates are crafted from.

The tavern keeper Mircea carries a Farthian Crystal Club on her hip while on shift. She rarely has to wield it, but its incessant, pulsing aura is enough to quell almost any tavern brawl that stirs.

Of course, the nature of the club is a common conversation-starter. When asked how it came to her possession, Mircea usually smiles and asks for your drink order. However, there are a few patrons of the tavern that are lucky enough to wield similar weapons. Bring them together, and the stories flow faster than the drinks.

An exclusive Farthian Crystal Club card was included in the October '22 Treasured Realm. Want to receive future hard copies of MWT magic items? Check out Treasured Realm here!"

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