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Sleepy Fields

Naked Chamomile | Uncaffeinated | 2.5 oz


Pleasantly sweet and floral. The perfect calm before bedtime or during a game night that's winding down to its satisfying conclusion.

Flowers From Afar • Elders say that golden fields of dreams await those that pass from the material plane, but there are a lucky few travelers who have seen them during life. Endless fields of gold are dotted by alabaster blooms and the ruins of the temples that once worshipped them. A peaceful magic permeates the air so completely that it breaks down the barrier between the waking world and that of dreams. Those few that have returned from this realm are said to be forever gifted with pleasant slumber.

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Ingredients: Organic Chamomile

To brew, add 1 tbsp (2g) of tea per 8 fl oz. (235g) water at 200˚F (893˚C). Steep for 5 minutes and enjoy! Calming and sweet. The perfect cup of chamomile tea. Order this if you're a dreamer of the highest caliber. You even drink tea to get to the dreams faster.

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Danielle Odom

Sleepy Fields

So Good!

Everything I've ordered from Many Worlds has been 10/10 - I also give their teas and coffees as gifts and I've never gotten a bad response :)

Paul McNeilly

I bought this for my son. I was very impressed with the quality of the packaging, & how the items were packaged & presented. Absolutely loved the adventure cards & other inserts in the box. Definitely be ordering again. Thank you.



I LOVE this TEA!

I absolutely love Sleepy Fields. I've been drinking chamomile tea for the relaxing benefits in the evening, and I can't wait to have this at night as I wind down from a stressful day. I'll be ordering another bag soon - I'm running out fairly quickly since I drink it every night :)

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