Available now: Tea at the Tavern

We know coffee over here at the tavern! However, we know plenty of people are not coffee drinkers. Enter: Tea! We put in time and effort to learn about tea sourcing, brewing, flavors, and everything that makes tea as delicious as it is. Our team has been working hard on our first nine available teas for quite some time, and we are incredibly excited to share a variety that we are proud of!

What Tea IS Available?

Our launch on October 21st begins with nine available loose leaf teas for purchase. Whether you're a black earl grey fan, an herbal tea enthusiast, or warm chai lover, Many Worlds Tavern has something to make you a tea lover.

With varying caffeine levels, sourced locations, and flavor profiles, we are so excited to bring these options to our community and supporters. We hope you enjoy everything we have to offer!

Our favorites include Sage's Gate (lavender mint), Sacred Spring (hibiscus cinnamon), and Verdant Harbor (jasmine green), but they're all delicious, and available now! Grab yourself some tea and take a seat. Welcome to the tavern!

Tea for the Tabletop: