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Hazy Hills

Scented Black Tea | Medium Caffeine | 6 oz


A smooth black tea enlivened by bright and zesty bergamot. Try drinking with a splash (or more) of milk. Pinkies up.

The Lonely Watch • Long ago, a great army of beasts poured over these hazy hills, and their campaign all but destroyed the prosperous kingdom that counted them among its borders. In the passing of years since, the watchtowers that once dotted this landscape have turned to rubble. Still, a few brave rangers keep a watchful eye over these fabled hills.

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Ingredients: Organic black tea, essential bergamot oil

To brew, add 1 tbsp (6g) of tea per 8 fl oz. (235g) water at 200˚F (93˚C). Steep for 4 minutes and enjoy! In our plane, Earl Grey is quintessentially British. In other worlds, it's gained popularity in innumerable tea-drinking cultures. Order this tea if the skies above you are romantically⁠—perfectly⁠—gray and overcast. Or, you want to be transported to someplace they are.

Customer Reviews

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megan yepez

Hazy Hills

Matt Post
Hazy Hills is great

I love the taste of the beans and the packaging is super cool too!


my brother got me a box of various tea's from them as a Christmas gift, and the earl grey was my favorite hands-down, so I had to get a refill of course

Maria K
Lovely earl grey tea!

This tea has been perfect for making London fogs! I’ve really enjoyed all the loose leaf teas and coffees from Many Worlds I’ve tried so far. The cards accompanying each are so fun as well, and I love that they feature awesome artwork.

Michael B.
Definitely recommend!

The tea blends we received were all fantastic. What drew us in was the beautiful illustrations and fun theming, but we were really impressed with the flavors and high quality packaging of the tea itself. Repeat customers here, absolutely worth it.

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