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Verdant Harbor

Jasmine Green Tea | Medium Caffeine | 6oz


Freshness and umami mingle with the honeyed scent of jasmine flower. Verdant Harbor is crisp, earthy, and incredibly fragrant.

Nature's Holdfast • The Wooded Tower was originally built to keep watch over the surrounding forest, but it now serves as a secluded harbor for thieves, smugglers, and traveling adventurers. It offers all its shelter and protection, but for the few brave enough to plumb its depths, it holds secrets far more enticing than a good night’s sleep.

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Ingredients: Organic green tea with jasmine

To brew, add 1 tbsp (5g) of tea per 8 fl oz. (235g) water at 180˚F (82˚C). Steep for 3 minutes and enjoy! Green tea's fresh, earthy flavor is amplified with jasmine, with just a moderate level of caffeine. Order this if you're a druid of the forest that marvels at the incredible flavors of nature. Or, you like delicious, floral-forward tea.

Customer Reviews

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Sofia Williams

Verdant Harbor

James Molaskey

Verdant Harbor

nathan caron

go the sample size....kinda tastes like how a shoe store smells, idk maybe jasmine just aint for me.

Matthew Morin

Verdant Harbor

Matthew Wetherille

Verdant Harbor

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