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Awesome Sticker!!!

I loved the sticker!!! But my little sister loved it more so I gave It to her haha.


I love these stickers!! They are so cute.

They were exactly what I thought they were.

Stickers. Good Ones. Wife was happy.

If you want a real dark roast, you will be disappointed.

I prefer medium-dark roasts, so I originally purchased Homely House which is listed as a medium roast (just in case the dark was too dark). I found that was far, far too light for me, so I got Great Old One, listed as a dark roast, to try next. Unfortunately, this is barely any darker than Homely House, and even calling it a medium roast would be generous in my opinion. Even if we consider it at least a medium, it is definitely NOT a dark roast, not by a long shot. If you compare Homely House and Great Old One side by side you can barely notice a difference in the color of the beans. I would usually expect a dark roast to have been roasted at least long enough to start bringing out the oils so the beans have a shiny surface, but these do not have that. Lest you think I'm talking merely about appearance here, the smell and the taste also have that characteristic acidic aroma of lighter roasts ("bright" in coffee-speak, but for me it brings to mind cooked tomatoes). I understand that lighter roasts are generally preferred amongst coffee drinkers with a more sophisticated palette than mine, so I think this coffee is probably still just fine overall, which is why I have rated this a 3 instead of a 1 or 2. However, I unfortunately cannot give it higher than that as it is listed as a dark roast and simply is not. If you want a dark roast, you will be disappointed. If you pretty much can ONLY enjoy coffee if has been roasted long enough to remove the "bright" acidic flavor, you will be very, very disappointed. I really wanted to support Many Worlds Tavern because I love the idea of a geeky roastery but unfortunately it seems there's nothing in your lineup that will work for me. Let me know if you come up with an "ultra dark" roast. ;)

Dragon's Nest
Daniel Montgomery
extremely impressed

Seriously good coffee.

Treasured Realm
Michael Annechino
Regular Customer

I've ordered the Treasured Realm for the past few months now and plan to continue trying them as they come out! While I definitely prefer some roasts over others, it has been a lot of fun to try different flavors of coffee I wouldn't otherwise explore, and have even found a new favorite with the most recent Huehue roast. I really loved the creative magic item it came with and it will make a perfect reward for one the players in my campaign! The packaging is very well-crafted and the attention to detail is evident to me in pretty much every facet of the product. While the shipping costs do add up, I've saved some money by ordering with a friend to qualify for free shipping. I think this would make a fantastic subscription box service!

Dragon's Nest
Shawn H
Decent Coffee, Good Cause

I'm not a major coffee drinker. I would put the taste above average, and the added donation with every purchase is a plus!

Dragon's Nest
Game Master

The Dragon's nest was a simple and delightful flavor and was enjoyed by my group of players.


Wonderful flavor depth and drinkability. Wish it was available in decaf, so I could enjoy it more often.

Treasured Realm
Brennen Albrecht
Extra care

Took the time to help me change a mistake I made on my order.

Excellent coffee

Not quite as wild as some of MWT's other offerings and that is kind of the aim! I like it and will probably be getting some more soon!


I already did a way too long comment on Dragons nest. I've learned my lesson, but the coffee is really good

Not worth the $25

The packaging and extras are really nice, but the coffee was quite disappointing. My wife prefers a dark roast while I like medium, but we were both let down. We tried multiple ways to brew and nothing made us like it. The dark roast is much better in comparison. We tried drinking this coffee 1.- Black 2.- with milk
3.-with creamer 4.-with alcohol (nothing really made it good)

Dragon's Nest
Erin Coward

Dragon's Nest

Huehue (April)

The Heuheu treasured realm is now one of my wife’s favorite coffees. We ordered three. The dice and the cat stickers are fun for my kids. Can’t wait for next month’s selection. Keep up the good work guys!

Treasured Realm
Julian Shelnutt
Excellent Treasure Loot

This coffee has a nice sweet taste to it which is great when you're cutting down on how much sweetener you use per cup. I adored all the little bonus merch I got with my order and can't wait to use the magical item in a game. Would love to try something similar in the future!

These are great!

I know an 85 year old lady who is going to a "home" soon. I'm only twenty two and not even related so I have limited options when trying to be a good friend to her in the face of this huge unknown.
One thing I found out though is that the coffee in these places is notoriously bad. (She loves coffee) So I needed something easy and good, that would continue to be useful and beautiful as her health declines.
You guys have those lovely packages (she's also an artist) that don't take up too much room, single servings that fit one of her favorite mugs beautifully, and instant coffee that tastes like actual coffee. Also, even in the worst of scenarios hot water will be available to her. Anyway, she tried it today and she loves it. (Homely House as well)
And heck! I'm not a coffee fan but I'm still going to grab some of the instant stuff for my late night assignment emergency stash. When you need quick caffeine you might as well have the good stuff.

Great Old One
Monica Fraguada

Pretty good!

Interesting for sure!

Definitely a different flavor, as advertised! Very good overall but I suppose it could be a bit more "adventurous". I've had more floral coffees before but their flavor was so strong it might have been artificial. This hits just too low on that scale from what I was expecting, but is otherwise fine coffee.

Dragon's Nest
Steven Finch
A wonderful coffee

It was a great blend of both African coffees and processes. The natural coffee really came out in the fruit notes. 10/10, would drink again.

Homely House
Mickey Parris
So good.

It came recently roasted. It smells amazing. I am a big fan. I drink it black and thoroughly enjoyed it. My wife takes creamer with hers and she noticed a difference between this and what we get for home sometimes. Homely house will be coming back to our house.

My favorite MWT Coffee!

A perfectly done dark roast!

So great

Love the D&D angle but wouldn’t work if the coffee wasn’t also great!

A great product!

I love this product because I can try out different flavors before purchasing a larger bag.

Treasured Realm
Ivore Snow
Nicest coffee I've ever had

Enjoyed the coffee with the rest of my party and for a brief moment the usually loud house full of nerds enjoying D&D went silent as we all happily drank coffee together