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Play Mats
Jacqueline Margroff
Morning Mists so beautiful

Came quickly and in a beautiful box, I g9t this for my husband and he loves it!

Sacred Spring
Amelia Phelps
A Delightful Surprise

I was curious about this blend and added it to my standard order for fun. I am happily surprised at how much I enjoy it. It reminds me of a sangria in the best way. The cinnamon is definitely present, but the plum adds a nice amount of sweetness. I add a few teaspoons of honey and am ready to enjoy it.

Homely House
Anthony D Wisner
FN GOOD light med roast

This stuff is good the way French people make thier coffee as long as you dont steep the coffe to long!!!

Sage's Gate
Sarah Conlon
Absolutely delicious!

Not too sweet. Just perfect! :)

Treasured Realm
Jen Havel
Great Find!

I am a D&D fanatic and a dice dragon who lives on coffee and imagination, so this was an amazing find! I have a Keurig, so I almost didn't bother, but I am so glad I did. I grind my coffee fresh and use the my cup for some fantastic coffee. I am excited to see what next month brings!

Cute and packaged well

A great gift

Super Cute

Nice texture, good stick, and adorable design!

Make More Plz will buy!

It's sold out would like to buy more. I would love to buy a pack of 10 of just a specific token types.


I love it!! It is the perfect size, keeps drinks hot for hours and you can't even feel it, the outside stays cool so you don't have to worry about burning your hand as you pick it up for a drink. I recommend filling it just to the edge just below the threads to the lid, it's always perfect! I fill it with water then dump that in my kettle to make the perfect amount of tea!

Great Product

delievery was quick and in custom packaging, great product loved the dice set, art and item card, cant wait for next months

Sacred Spring
taze klym
awesome flavor great for game night!

this tea has a nice flavor great for setting the feel of a old tavern or a feast, the scent is also amazing!

Dragon's Nest
Katarina Kelso

Dragon's Nest

Wizard Cat Sticker
Savanna Finley
This sticker gave me inspiration

This sticker is so perfect I got an inspiration die for it

Great Old One
Eric Tyson
Great taste

Tastes really good, not usually a dark roast fan. But this is a good one.

Treasured Realm

Homely House
Ariana Lamb

I love it for my every day coffee, works well for hot or cold brew.

Treasured realm is amazing!

I've gotten three treasured realms so far and they have all been fantastic! The coffee is wonderful and the dice and magic item make the boxes so much fun. Highly recommend

Morning Mists
Brett Poza
Best tea ever

This tea snob is so excited to find a new, reasonable tea source for excellent tea. Ten stars. Love the stuff.

Morning Mists
Perfect Sun Tea

I decided to venture in to making sun tea this summer and tried my first batch yesterday with a sample bag of this tea and oh my gosh is it good. So flavorful and smooth. Will definitely be back for more! I can't wait to try other teas from them!

Verdant Harbor
Fallon Felts
Lovely tea

I do enjoy my southern sweet tea but I absolutely love a good green tea. And this one hit the spots. I love it hot and it's so tasty and comforting. If I find a tea I enjoy that I don't have to add sugar to enjoy it's a win for me!

Treasured Realm
John Nutter
Good coffee!

Pretty good tasting coffee, and having an extra set of dice was handy as well. ;)

Perfect for Game Night

Every Friday night we have an online session and, about half-way through, I need a tea. This mug is perfect for holding my pick-me-up. I love the design and it fits my hand great.

Treasured Realm
Jackson Harris
An Enjoyable Experience

Great coffee, fun items, and a solid set of dice. Very important to note that the customer service was a great experience. I was treated like a friend and I will always appreciate that. I’m looking forward to buying more as gifts around the holidays!

Treasured Realm
Joshua Scott Allen Presley
Super awesome company

Love your themes and design concepts plus fresh delicious beaaans

Dragon's Nest
Laura Gooch
Amazing coffee

I can not get enough of the fantastic coffee dragons nest. The flavors are bold and intoxicating. I got my order 2 weeks ago and already plan on my next purchase. I can’t wait to try all the other flavors and teas they have to offer.