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Great Old One
Kirstin Carruolo
Craveable Dark Roast

This brew is rich in flavor and oh so smooth! My new go-to for adventures at home AND beyond!

Dark roast flavor; cute packaging

Adorable! Well made.

It’s a bit too lemony for my taste! Cute packaging and fresh flavor though.

High quality and cute

Fabled Foliage
Benjamin Montes
Love it!

Really all the tea I get from you guys is amazing, if I could I would order enough for a lifetime!!

Fabled Foliage
Brianna Jeffers
Really enjoyed

Great taste and cute packaging many worlds teas are great 😍

Water Bottles
Maddie D.
Water Bottle

This water bottle is so pretty and just the right size! I got the pink dragon one and I’ve been using it everyday since I got it! Definitely recommend!

Such a wonderful coffee!

I like that it's vegan leather and folds flat for ease of storage!

Best decaf coffee! A tip for brewing decaf is to use a bit more coffee than you would in your caffeinated recipe. For example, 30grams instead of 25g. Just keep the water the same though.

Play Mats
Playmat Review for Hazy Hills

I love this playmat. It's decorating my desk under my laptop for now - it's a good weight and the colors are excellent. My only wish is for a Verdant Harbor playmat - I don't see that design in print - and would love to have one. My daughter loves her Nectarean Stream mat - that one looks fantastic! (very beautiful on a mat).

Amazing aesthetic, and better tea

I love everything about the package. I love the designs on the box, and everything goes really well with the art. Even the tea is amazing! it perfectly gets me ready for cozy ttrpg nights, without the need for caffeine! I have exactly zero regrets about my purchase, and I very highly recommend!!

Sacred Spring
Kiersten Sepanski
My favorite tea ever

My DM gifted this to me for my birthday! Such an awesome gift idea. I have this nearly every night now in place of a glass of wine. I feel SO much better!

Fabled Foliage
Matthew Ferguson

Fabled Foliage

Glorious Golden Roots

Gather your party. These roots run deep.

Fabled Foliage
Joseph Watkins
Interesting flavor - not my normal cup of tea!

This probably isnt a blend I would have gone for by itself, but it is quite delicious and I really appreciate how its not caffeinated.

Excellent lemon based tea

We really like Fabled Foliage. It was very fragrant and a nice afternoon cup of tea for my daughter and I to enjoy.

Fabled Foliage
Wesley Machiela
Another Great Blend

Really love all of the tea my wife and I have ordered from Many Worlds. The blends are always just right, no taste is over powering and I feel like you can taste all of the hints for the different parts of this monthly tea. Looking to see what else Many Worlds has to offer going forward.

Fabled Foliage
Tea Time!

I love bringing the monthly coffee to tea and the amount received is fantastic! About November's Oasis, it's citrusy and delicious but a touch too far to the bitter side for me, definitely a tea that is boosted by some honey or simple syrup. The dice were gorgeous and the tea makes a great night time wind down tea.

Treasured Realm
Peter Chunis

Treasured Realm

Fabled Foliage
Heather Walde

Fabled Foliage


We loved this. It’s very citrusy and is good both hot and cold. Looking forward to the next one!

Awesome tea!

I already loved Treasured Realm coffee -- Fabled Foliage knocked it out of the park for the first tea. And I'm a bit sad knowing that when it's gone, I won't be able to get more!

3" Sticker - d20 Cat

Unfortunately, I did not receive my cat sticker with the coffee I ordered. But the coffee is great.