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Delicious and Light

If you enjoy white tea you will love this one. Delicious flavors of peach and naturally slightly sweet, it’s perfect for an anytime cup. Brew per the instructions for the best result.

Sacred Spring
Asia Evans
This was a delicious fruit tea.

This is probably one of the best teas I've had in a while. It is very strong. You do not have to brew it very long for the flavor to kick in.

Treasured Realm
Joseph Roxberry

Im not a coffee snob. Coffee smells like coffee. Not this. Smells different right out the bag. This coffee seems more prone to making fine grounds than most which makes for bitter coffee. A filter will help. I also usually have trouble detecting "tasting notes" not with this stuff! Amazing coffee overall. Definitely worth it because this stuff is now my second favorite coffee. Just beats Deathwish coffee Valhalla Java, but The Great Old One here at Many Worlds Tavern makes great coffee even if you royally screw up your brew so.....permanent #1....

Dragon's Nest Coaster
William Dixon

Dragon's Nest Coaster

Morning Mists
Morning mists black tea

A good strong black tea, but I really really prefer the chai. I steep it inverted in an aeropress and it works better than any tea diffuser I have ever had.

Lives up to the description

On the label it’s described as a mulled wine with plum notes. I would agree, and it’s fast becoming one of my favourite teas. The only downside is that a tiny bit of sandlike grit sometimes ends up in the last few sips, even with a very fine tea strainer. Get that sorted, and it’s perfect. A touch of sweetener makes it taste like an adult, complex juice with deep plum and cherry notes.


This is a quick easy form of coffee that is true to the original flavor of Dragon's Nest. Absolutely delightful.

Tea Sample Pack
Heather Walde

Tea Sample Pack

Absolutely perfect.

The coffee is amazing. I really enjoyed it. If it were a staple item, I would buy it again.

Treasured Realm

Spiced Sands
Rafael Rivera

Spiced Sands

Jasmine Bliss

This tea smells so incredible and tastes even better! A perfect wind down tea or beverage to a good snack. I got the sampler of this tea and it is certainly worth having a whole bag!

Great coffee in a pinch!

This is a great roast, even better when you're trying to make coffee in the morning fog!

Great Old One
Evan Tony
New Favorite Coffee!

Love making this and everyone loves the smell after it's brewed. Will definitely order more.

Nectarean Stream
Asia Evans
A very subtle tea.

It smells amazing but doesn't brew very strong. It is quite good. Probably one of the better peach teas I've tried. I just wish they didn't put in the stems with the leaves. It doesn't change the flavor but makes it difficult to put into tea bags.

Wonderfully crafted

I really enjoyed this brew! It is so refreshing and light, and the smell is incredible! Just like peaches and nectarines. Not to mention the packaging. I know I had some people tell me I was just buying a pretty bag with low quality tea but I am so glad I decided to find out for myself and give this a try because not only is it beautifully packaged it is absolutely delicious!

Morning Mists
Curtis Fortier
It's delicious!

It's delicious. I have it every morning. Thank you for making a great and strong morning tea!!! I have it each morning before I battle dragon and orcs and all manner of illithids. Curtis

Hazy Hills
M. R.
Light on the citrus

Hazy Hills is Many World Tavern's take on Earl Grey and as an Earl Grey lover, I found it underwhelming. I'm sure it's great for those who like Earl Grey but don't like the heavy bergamot flavor... but it's not for me sadly.


I brought this to my DM for our first game session of the new year. She's a former barista and knows the importance and fine art of perfect coffee-making. She was THRILLED! The whole group enjoyed three (in my case four) cups each in the eight hour session. It was DELICIOUS! We are very excited for next month's bag. ^_^

Loose and Leafy

The black tea tastes amazing but, the tea has a lot of small bits that come loose and float around in the tea. I highly recommend the black tea varieties, though.


I love the aroma and flavor of it

Golden Roots
Dustin Blottenberger
Not for me

Tried something new and struck out. To me, something in the tea (maybe the licorice root?) gives the tea an odd texture and artificial taste. I don't really like it, but that's just me. Others may love it! I do love Sage's Gate, though!

Fantastic Brew

Picked this up whole bean during PAX Unplugged 2022 and made a cup over the holidays for friends and family. Ground it coarse to brew with my French Press, and it was an immediate crowd pleaser. One of the best cups of coffee I've had in such a long time, did not disappoint. One of my friends is a bit picky with his brews, so I always take it as a personal challenge to make him happy, and this did not disappoint which I think speaks to the quality and freshness of the roast.

Has deep, rich flavors. Can take cream and sugar like a champ. Shines without bitterness when drank black.

Spiced Sands
The Spice must flow!

Fresh aromatic and reinvigorating! No matter if you're slaying Wyrms or riding a Wurm, you won't regret this hit of spice in your life.

Hazy Hills
Cory Cunningham
Wonderful Earl Grey

This cup is smooth and yet crisp. I also have gotten great cups with the same steeper after 3-4 cups! Such a pleasant drink!