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Treasured Realm
Faith and Valor
Brews well cold

Did a coarse grind with 50% more beans and let it sit out in the French Press for over 12hrs. 10hrs later in the fridge it was perfect. Great flavor profile and wasn't too tart that it needed ice.

Great Beans!

I have been trying different roasts, settling on darker ones and narrowing from there. For the balance of cost, quality and theme this absolutely wiped any competition. Buying another bag right now! It makes just a fantastic espresso, could not have asked for better.

Treasured Realm
Larry Rhodes
Great taste

It does have a good taste to it and a great aroma.

Best dark roast available anywhere

With very few exceptions, (Dragonfly roasters, counter culture coffee) dark roast is just a way to make a cheap coffee bean somewhat drinkable. Usually, these are over-roasted to the point where all one can taste is roast and smoke. Great Old One is different. It's a mellower roast which let's the coffee underneath it be tasted and appreciated.

Caturron and on and on and on…

I know these are supposed to be one-of-a-kind limited edition, but I would buy this one on the regular. The September 22’ Caturron is exactly what I want in a coffee. There is so much flavor and subtlety in a raw, hot cup. I know what I bought into and I’m super excited about next month and…I could die here, September 22’, a happy human. Thanks for the experience!

Treasured Realm
jay schammert


Treasured Realm
Jamal Dequir
Rolling the dice every month

Every month I receive a bag of coffee, and it’s like rolling a d20 for a flavor check. And so far they have been amazing. And the dice goblin I live with remains satisfied.

Dragon's Nest
Aaron C.
Pretty Good Coffee

This coffee was pretty good. Unfortunately, it wouldn't be suitable for me to continually purchase this coffee as it is pretty expensive. If we could get the price down to $7 a bag, I would happily order this coffee over the brands I pick up locally. However, I will pick up a bag now and then to support this fun company.

The extra goodies (stickers & tokens) were cute and nice. Unfortunately, the tokens were bent.

Treasured Realm
From a House of Coffee

My house loves coffee, all forms of it. My house is also a bunch of giggling nerds that love coffee, so Many Worlds Tavern delivers both to satisfaction. The recent Treasured Realm coffee has been a huge hit, enough that we've ordered a second bag. I definitely would recommend it, as getting a new bag of new coffee to brew and try for that month has been an enjoyable experience for all involved. Keep it up!

Great Old One
Kyle Maxwell

5 stars. I immediately bought another bag after taking the first sip. Honestly, some of the best coffee I have ever had. They have another loyal customer. Trying Homely House next!

Treasured Realm
William Calderwood
Love the coffee

My best pore over coffee to date. Nice bloom, great aroma, and smooth taste.
Love the dice, stickers and the magic item.

Treasured Realm
Jeremy Darschewski

Treasured Realm

Treasured Realm
Garrett Cebry

Treasured Realm

Treasured Realm
Broox Smith

Treasured Realm

Fantastic presentation

This Treasured Realm bundle is awesome! I got the September bundle, and it is clear so much thought and care went into the packaging, the art, and the magic item. The dice even match the color theme!
And as for the coffee! While Columbian coffees are not my usual preference, the coffee this month was still great. I'm using it for mostly espresso and pourover, and it works out well for both. I'm so excited to see next month's!

Dragon's Nest
Scott Lawrence-Weak

Dragon's Nest

Great Old One
Daisy D.
The Perfect DnD Night

We have friends working hard throughout the week. They tell us that the best part of their week is our DnD sessions and this coffee has elevated that. The flavor is perfect, sweet but not overly sugary. The caffeine is a huge spike in the evenings and doesn't cause a bad crash after.

Highly recommend it!


Save your money and get the cheapest coffee you can find at the store, it'll taste about the same

Dragon's Nest
Kaitlin Fidler
Good Coffee

I bought almost everyone of your coffees. My husband and I just finished Dragon’s Nest and it is really good!!! We enjoyed the flavor and the smell when it was brewing!!!

Dragon's Nest
Dominick DeRose
Buy it

Do it now

Convenient Way to Try

I really liked the 2 oz pack. It was a great way to test out a coffee without committing to a full bag.

Cute stickers and great quality!

Love the designs and the high quality of the stickers.

Dragon's Nest
Alex K.
Coffee Sommelier

Coffee was good. The cost was not. $20 for less than a pound, that includes shipping, I can get same quality, if not better, for more than the 12 oz. you sell closer to home. You appealed to the gamer geek/nerd side of me, but the sensible Coffee Sommelier wins this round of combat.

It may have gone bad

The coffee was a sticky gooey block that barely dissolved and the flavor was overwhelmingly sour.

Treasured Realm
Dakota Wiegand
A nice alternative to macro blends

Treasured Realm was my introduction to Many Worlds Tavern and I couldn’t be happier! The coffee packaging, the dice set, and the additional magical item card and stickers were great! The coffee was aromatic and full of flavor. To me, this blend had an aroma that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It may be sac-religious, but I made the coffee in a standard coffee maker, which may have taken away from the overall experience. But it was still good coffee and I’m looking forward to the next exclusive batch!