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Citrine Spirits

Tangerine Ginger Hibiscus | No Caffeine | 7 oz


Vibrant enough to revive your wounded barbarian, a bite of ginger is balanced with orange and tangerine to reinvigorate you without the need for caffeine.

A Healing Elixir • The menders of Quartz Falls are renowned across the planes for their ability to heal any wound, malady, or curse. Although those cures oft come from their extensive and practiced medicinal knowledge, some of the most severe ailments take more than expertise. Thankfully, the menders hold the closely-guarded secret of the Citrine Elixir, drawn from a small spring in the base of a mysterious shrine hidden behind the waterfalls of their village.

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Ingredients: Organic hibiscus flowers, organic ginger root, organic rosehips, organic licorice root, organic orange peel, organic schisandra berries, essential tangerine and orange oil

To brew, add 1 tbsp (6g) of tea per 8 fl oz. (235G) water at 200˚F (93˚C). Steep for 5 minutes and enjoy! Delicious warm or iced, this juicy, decadent botanical blend will warm your soul. Perfect for a chilly morning or a sweltering summer day, it is the perfect way to quench your thirst without adding caffeine.

Customer Reviews

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Arden Ranta
Great for warm weather

I don't like licorice root, so it only gets 4 stars, but I had this iced with an orange squeezed in to amp up the citrus flavors and that was lovely. The color is beautiful and brewing it + squeezing the orange in makes it feel like concocting a potion, which is always fun. Definitely recommend drinking it iced, but I have yet to try it hot.

Josh Dodd
The best teas for D&D immersion

I’ve started including the tea blends into the game RP and serve it when NPC’s offer them. The eclectic but delicious blends pair very well with fantasy and keep the players engaged in the story while also having snack breaks.


As someone with tummy issues, I'm always happy to find a good tea with ginger in it. I fell in love with MWT's Golden Roots tea and am very happy to add Citrine Spirits to my list. It's wonderful when I'm wanting a sweeter drink to help calm my stomach.

Lee Steinback Drake
Lots of flavor

All the teas I’ve tasted are enjoyable (the new “white tea” perhaps a bit too subtle for most palates). But my favorite remains your green tea with jasmine — I keep it tightly closed, hoping to preserve the intoxicating fragrance for each cup, time after time.

Brandon Wacek
Not quite what she expected

Ordered the tea for my wife. She was hoping for a more prominent orange flavor but thought the other flavors overpowered it. Had also got the Sacred Springs tea and she loved that one.

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