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Astral Bloom

Floral White Tea | Medium Caffeine | 2.5 oz


As subtle as the stars you see when you gaze into the night sky. The gentleness of this blend gives you the brightness of white tea and leaves you in awe of its floral balance.

Flowers From Afar • The terraforming capabilities of void roses have made them the most sought-after flora in the galaxy. One the size of your hand would be enough to establish a small colony in nearly any environment—even in the absence of an atmosphere. To find anything larger could be enough to change the fate of a planet—and to put a target on your back.

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Ingredients: Organic White Tea, Organic Rose Petals, Organic Mints, Organic Lavender

To brew, add 1 tbsp (2g) of tea per 8 fl oz. (235g) water at 180˚F (82˚C). Steep for 2-3 minutes and enjoy! With delicate, floral, minty notes accenting the warm body of white tea, it's the perfect accompaniment to a cozy night of games or a morning waking up with the sun in your starship.

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A lovely mild tea. Perfect with a lil bit of honey!

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