Teatime Adventures by Snowbright Studio

The gang over here at the Tavern got to sit down with one of the cutest cozy RPGs we've come across. We discovered Snowbright Studio at Gen Con back in July, and the beautiful box set for their flagship RPG immediately caught our eye. The studio is LGBTQ+ friendly and focuses on heartwarming, lovely games.

About the world of the Verdant Isles:

  • This world is built around sustainability and inclusion!
  • The RPG book has four ready-to-play stories in the town of Oakbend.
  • There's a full map included in the book detailing the different areas of Verdant Isles!

Antonio, Hannah, Katie, and Andrew all join the table to solve the mystery of "The Lavender Spirit," written by Kristina Sisto Kindel of Snowbright Studio. The Game Master for this session is Kathryn!

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